Major catch up

Hey everyone,

Well this may be a long post as a lot has happened in the last year. Not only do I have my beautiful son Colby who in my opinion is far to bright for his own good, which we will get to later. But we also now have a beautiful baby girl who’s name is Darcie and is 5 months old, hence the lack of posts which again I apologise for but will be able to write more often now.

Where to start….. Colby my son is now 21 months old and soaks up information like a sponge, what child of that age counts from 0-20, and knows various shapes including a trapezium… I’m sure I didn’t know that at his age. However he has developed many other talents such as extreme climbing, running like Flash Gordon and throwing like captain America (that is a particular favourite of his I might add). He’s a model big brother trying to teach his sibling all the essentials like getting that extra 20 minutes before bed time by tactically asking for another bath.

Let’s now introduce Darcie, my gorgeous little princess who never seems to stop smiling bless her. She was let’s say a little unexpected but a wonderful addition to our little family. Now I’ve decided this may work to an advantage as we already had everything we needed for another baby and they get to grow up and learn from each other from a very young age, hopefully building a better bond and not having to endure civil war in the Smith house for the next 18 years.

I am also now doing a history degree amongst all this……too much you say?!, don’t worry I have incredible time keeping haha. But it’s all in the interest of my babies future, they really have changed my life for the better. I have lost 2 and a half stone since October going to the gym, stopped drinking pretty much all together apart from during the euros wink wink. And all round improved my life, health wise and aspirationally.

Children really do show you what can be achieved with hard work and determination, believe me hard work it most definitely is but also worth it a thousand times over. I will write again hopefully during the week a doody calls… I mean duty calls.

So long folks have a great week Dane and family.


My growing boy is getting mobile

Well i have a lot to catch up on over the last few months. Colby can now crawl and although i`m very proud of my boy hes a little monkey!, do not i repeat do not have anything valuable or easy to break within their reach!, for example my cable t.v box which he has mastered the art of turning on and off as well as the Xbox. As soon as he sees the lights come on he launches himself across our laminate flooring like a cruise missile powering towards his target to turn it off as fast as he can which he happens to do at all the best points i might add. he also loves to terrorize the pets by chasing them too.

He`s at the transition stage between crawling and walking at the moment, pulling himself to his feet using various aids such as the sofa. He occasionally has the odd bump but its to be expected when learning to balance himself, which he seems to be doing very quickly. I can only imagine the carnage that is going to come from this new adventure in his life, i am sure mummy and daddy will have to gain a pair of eyes in the back of our heads. Colby also has a walker which is basically four wheels with a seat in the middle which again he has mastered gaining high speeds on our laminate flooring, maybe i should get alternate flooring like carpet to prevent his mach 2 travel from one end of the house to the other.

My poor boy recently spent a few days in the hospital with a case of tonsillitis which made him very unhappy which as a parent you never want to see, especially as hes such a happy boy usually. He still managed to flutter his eyelashes at the nurses though the little monkey. But i am pleased to say after a course of antibiotics has returned to his happy chappy self.

I will finish this blog by adding my little boy can now say daddy even if he doesn’t know what is means it still never fails to make me smile and feel proud of him. I know i have said it before but i will try to keep my blog more consistent :). for this week i will bid you all adieu and have a lovely week!.


My funny little man

Good morning everybody, or evening as the case may be. My gorgeous little man has had an amusing week. It all started with the discovery of his feet, as if he had stumbled upon some forgotten tribe in the amazon, his excitement was revealed with the most ear piercing screech of delight I have ever heard, so much that it made me jump from my seat. He then started to realise he can do a great many things with these exciting new appendages he had found, such as jumping up and down. He could also use these to prevent mummy and daddy from putting him into his car seat or pram, also he can kick the crap out of anything they touch including Mummy, Daddy and of course the poor cat who he also likes to grab as she innocently walks past him. But by far the funniest has to be trying to chew on them!, yes that’s right you read correctly he actually likes to try and chew on his big toe which as you can imagine is hilarious!!.

Now he’s at the 6 month stage he seems to have such an amazing personality, very happy and intelligent, alert and playful with such a delightful little giggle that makes even the most unemotional people break down into an almighty AWWW!. He has been a very alert baby since he was born but recently he seems rather intelligent for his age, especially his ability to wrap everyone round his little finger which I am sure he is very aware of. He is currently starting to eat pureed food which he enjoys very much however at first this did upset his stomach but don’t worry runny poos and projectile vomiting (trust me I do mean projectile!) are quite normal during this transition from milk to solids. This is also common during teething as well as the biting of course, but seriously there are lots of symptoms with the whole teething process, like runny poos, being sick, lots of dribble, Pink cheeks and a temperature all very normal, but if worried don’t ever be afraid to ring the doctor even if its just for your peace of mind.

He is currently sat in his motorised swing watching his nursery rhymes on youtube which is his favourite thing to watch. He demonstrates this by screaming at the phone/t.v and waving his arms in excitement. His sleeping pattern is amazing goes to sleep at 6pm and wakes at 6.30am which gives mummy and daddy plenty of sleep. There is no secret to this they dictate their sleeping pattern.

And that folks is it for this week and I will produce my next blog next week hopefully with more tales of fun and madness! I know I say it a lot but I love being a dad!. Have a good week everyone!!


My boys progress

Hello everybody, once again I apologise for my lack of posts I promise I will be more consistent. My boy is growing at an alarming rate and has progressed a lot since my last post. Colby jack is now on soft foods as the milk is just clearly not enough, as he so kindly reminds mummy and daddy after each feed with a high pitched squeal which im quite surprised hasn’t damaged any ear drums or glass, this is also a new thing of his which I believe is called a tantrum!!. He is gaining weight at a steady pace and is very healthy which is a good sign were doing our job properly.

Now although he’s on food now he’s not quite at solids yet, even if he does attempt to steal everybody’s food and drink at every opportunity the little rascal. The peggies (teeth if your unsure of this term) are coming through which can be felt as he unexpectedly chews on your arm, hand, fingers, nose and just about anything he can reach for that matter without any real trouble at all, it hasn’t really bothered him that much at all with the aid of children’s bonjela of course so I think he has been quite lucky in that sense. now during the weaning process its quite common for them to have a few symptoms you wouldn’t expect them to develop for example a raised temperature, being sick or develop runny poos but its all quite normal we were told by the Gp and health visitor.

Colby has now started to master the art of sitting up which can only be the start of the walking/crawling process which is where I imagine the fun begins as they take to their feet in a new adventure of pulling things over and total destruction of the house but its all worth it I assure you. Ive only been a dad for 22 weeks and four days but they have being the best days I have had and I wouldn’t change them for the world!!.

I will post again soon this time I shall try my best to be consistent. have a good week people!!.


Busy months catch up


hello everyone,

firstly I must apologise for my tardiness I have been unbelievably busy over the festive period with work and my little bundle of joy. however this means I have quite a lot to update you all on.

I will go back a few weeks, basically as far back as I can remember. now he decided to give daddy a heart attack in the middle of the night about 2 weeks ago, as daddy woke up for the 4am feed I awaken to the little man with his nose sticking through the bars of his crib with the cheekiest little grin and I could do nothing but find this hilarious, unfortunately he had left the greenest, smelliest poo I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing in my life. This my friends is a case of trapped wind and can vary from a dark green to a lovely lime green depending how long the wind has been trapped for im guessing lol. he had a short spell where for around a week he just wasn’t himself at all, crying all the time, unusual feeding times, varied temperatures from cold to warm in short spaces of time it was all slightly upsetting to see him this way as im sure everyone wants their child to be happy all the time (obviously that’s not the case lol).

We did have to take him to the hospital one evening as he just wouldn’t stop crying and wasn’t feeding properly, they say the change in feeding is the main one to look out for as its an indication something might not be right with them, it can also just be a growth spurt so I wouldn’t panic too much, they say to keep an eye on it over 24 hours which usually resolves itself if not then you know to ring for advice. back to the hospital visit it turns out hes perfectly healthy and it was simply a virus affecting his upper airways which disappeared after a week or so, he still has the sniffles but hes back to his monster feeds and his cheeky smiles.

Colby is now 10 weeks and 5 days old, he can now lift his own head with ease I might add, he has started the cutest little giggles and chuckles and has discovered he has hands and feet, which he expresses by squeezing daddy’s face and ears lol. I will be able to update more often as work is now on a quiet period until late January so expect more punctual updates.

That’s all for now folks have a lovely Christmas and ill speak to you soon take care

The Milk Monster!!!!

Hey folks sorry it’s been a while the little man has kept mummy and daddy busy this last week, I’m also back at work now so I’m getting used to the routine.

Well my friends it has been an energetic week for the little one, his eyes are starting to focus so he’s having a good look around although it’s just colours and outlines he can see at the minute. It’s scary to see how much he has changed in the 2 weeks he has been here, but the amount he feeds is quite remarkable. He started on 1oz feeds every 3-4 hours now 2weeks later he’s increased to 3oz every 2 hours so I think he maybe having a growth spurt which they do say happens around the second week. It took him 6 days to get back to his birth weight and 4 days after that he put on 4 1/2oz so he’s averaging 1oz a day the little porker. Now I was concerned about how much milk he was consuming at first but the midwife assures me that a growth spurt around the second week is completely natural and can last a while. He started on breast milk but was getting a little frustrated so mummy expresses into a bottle now and he’s much happier with that, sometimes we give him half breast milk and half formula just to fill him up a bit as even 3oz sometimes isn’t enough for him the little milk monster!!!.

He’s getting more handsome everyday, I’d say like his father but his mum gets the credit there I think. He really is good as gold at the minute and getting into a routine which is good for mummy and daddies sleep too. My dog Shep has taken to him very well, he’s currently sleeping at his feet as I’m writing this, almost as if he’s protecting him which is very heart warming I must say. I started back to work last Thursday which was really hard at first as I didn’t want to leave him!, not because he wasn’t in good hands but because I didn’t want an hour to go by where I couldn’t look at his gorgeous little face, however the thousands of pictures on my phone helped. Mummy has been absolutely amazing and taken the role on as if she’d done it a hundred times before, women really are amazing with their maternal instinct I must say. The first day back was quite draining on me as I hadn’t got used to the sleeping pattern but now my body is slowly getting used to it. Some people say it’s like having a second job, but I love coming home to see my partner and my son waiting for me, however mummy usually hands him over with a gift in his nappy which is only fair as she changes them all day whilst I’m at work. He’s definitely recognising voices though as when he hears me he starts to scan the room for me bless him. He’s quite a hard baby to wind though which he sometimes doesn’t like at all and let’s you know this, but generally he deals with it most of the time with little fuss.

His eyes have been quite Gammy (or sticky if your not familiar with that term) for the last few days the midwife said this is normal but if concerned take him to the doctors, she also gave us a little tip that if you squeeze a little bit of breast milk into his eyes that usually clears them up pretty well which is always handy to know. On the whole he’s a very healthy and happy baby (touch wood, which means not to jinx it if your American) so for now he’s right on track!!. And that my friends is it for this blog, join me next week for more bowl movements and milk madness!.

Take care everyone and come back soon for more of daddy diaries.


The fun begins………

Evening folks it’s being a very interesting first week with my baba from sleepless nights to the stalk of the umbilical cord falling off, this first week has been a fun one!!.

Now colby has been remarkably well behaved for mummy and daddy apart from the first night when he just refused to sleep, but as it was his first night out of the womb I’m sure we can let it slide. Now thing with the first week I find it is more like an endurance and mental test than anything else, coffee really has become my new best friend but it’s important to keep calm and just crack on with it. We are lucky to have had not one but two visits from our midwife, the first time colby had only lost 0.9% of his birth weight and only two days later was right back to the 7.1 lb he had weighed at birth, this is also due to him being an absolute milk monster!. Starting on 1oz feeds 6days later is now on 2-3 oz feeds because well one just won’t cut it!!, At least that’s what I think he’s telling me when at 3am all I can here are his lips slapping together urging daddy or mummy to get up and deliver.

It really is amazing watching how much he has changed since last week, his eye colour is starting to tint blue rather than black, his hair growing and getting darker and the best part of all, his cord stump fell off which I promise is not for the faint hearted as it drys up into what looks like a piece of wood, it’s very important to keep that clean as infection is quite common and I can only imagine baby will let you know verbally that he/she is not happy about it. Colby’s stump fell off quite quick after only a few days but still keeping my eye on it just in case (can’t wait to see that little belly button).

Now as for the bowel movements and nappy change the first few really aren’t that bad to be totally honest, it’s a few days after when they what can only be described as exploding from the rear which makes for a lovely job in the early hours of the morning. He has also caught mummy and daddy off guard with the “fire hose effect”, it really is like it sounds!. Babies have a great sense of humour as they will wait whilst you remove the nappy before unleashing the fury upon you, you really do have to laugh though, especially when your special little person is lay there with the Cheshire Cat grin on their face!!, so be Prepared for that!. It has to be said though it’s all more than worth it!!, I love nothing more than seeing my tiny little man every day even if he does keep me awake at night!. Although when he does sleep daddy does like to keep an eye on him 😁.

That my friends is it for this blog, i will be back next week with tales of mischief and fun!!. Take care folks and have a good week!!